The story begins with the essentials of business communication.  Along the way direct marketing is added, including several of its powerful contemporary expressions.  These expressions are: database and email marketing, analytics and marketing automation systems.  As you navigate, I show you how my expertise and innovation are brought into play creating marketing systems that really work.  In the words of  a colleague:

“Elliott just plain gets it! He knows what it takes to get projects through to completion. He is a very creative thinker who is also detail oriented . . .”

Mike Mraz, National Spokesperson, Skyline Exhibits

I have also developed a keen sense of collaboration and teamwork — both as a contributing member and in a leadership role.  A major component of my responsibility as a manger lies in acquiring, developing and retaining talent for the company.  Throughout my tenure I have consistently left companies that employed me with a richer talent pool and stronger, more sustainable marketing platform.

To see more specific examples of my work, browse the detailed topic pages below.

Marketing Tools

A career is defined by accomplishments. Accomplishment is the result of thought, knowledge, planning and execution channeled through the finest tools. I have taken care to select the most effective marketing tools and to implement best practices in applying them.


People Management

My management style is based on trust — trust in myself to assemble and train the right people for the job; and trust that the people can shoulder their responsibilities and rise to meet the day-to-day challenges.


Marketing Communication

Over 20 years of professional experience in communications with diverse groups and numerous areas of subject matter have prepared me to create and deliver exceptional work.


Email Marketing

Combining technical know-how, current/certified training and best practices I deliver the kind of email marketing programs that build sales momentum and increase brand recognition. More importantly, these programs are based on solid fundamentals to assure long-term growth and sustainability.


A Passion for Learning

Success or failure can be decided by knowing critical information or simply knowing where to find it. My working life has been driven by the desire to learn more and develop channels for information flow for both personal satisfaction and competitive edge.